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"One must not assist a gentile woman in birth, not even for payment.For in the weekdays, one assist them in birth only in order to avoid hostility." And the Magan Abraham [the shield of Abraham], which is a commentary on the Shuk Ha Arukh, has written "that even where there is concern for hostility, one is only permitted to do activities that do not entail a violation of the Sabbath." And I want you to know, that even the more acceptable, literally the more Kosher, Jewish doctors do not observe this at all.

It says at the end of the Sermon on the Mount, "The people were astounded for He taught as one with authority, not as the Scribes and Pharisees." it says that at the end of the Sermon on the mount, in Matthew."For even if one is permitted to violate a Rabbinic prohibition in order to prevent gentile hostility, one is certainly not permitted to violate a Rabbinic prohibition, and they are considered intentional violators of the Sabbath. Now we have to make a difference between the religion and the people in it.God spare them." In a parallel column, entitled the Orhoth Halakah, the author of the"Mishnah Bora" adds, the same law applies to Moslems, literally it's Ishmaelites, and to even Karites. "Everyone agrees that one may not violate even a Rabbinic prohibition of the Sabbath in order to save their life." This is a bigoted, racist, religion from the pit of hell! It prays that those who accept Him as the Messiah, their names are to be blotted out of the Book Of Life. Jesus called Rabbinic Judaism "a synagogue of Satan." Their own literature shows that it is just as bigoted, just as racist, just as vile, as Luther, or the Roman Catholic Church, or anything that Christianity has done against them. The people who publish this stuff don't know what they're talking about. I love Roman Catholics, but because I love Roman Catholics, I hate the Roman Catholic Church.They've got it all wrong." And they can give you some pretty convincing arguments.Now, what I'm going to give you today is ammunition. The only thing you can do with this ammunition is undermine that argument. It's not a gentile or Christian fabrication, or distortion of the Jewish scriptures.What I'm going to begin looking at now, and we couldn't look at it all even in one day or even in one weekend, it's just an overview. If you witness to Jewish people in Whitefield, or in Preswich, or in Vitzbury, or in Chilledwald, in Liverpool, what they've been told to say, and what their Rabbis have taught them is this: They've been taught that "these are gentiles taking our scriptures, which they call the Old Testament [that is what gentiles call it], and twist it to make it seem that it's talking about Jesus.

But, when you read the original Jewish context, of the Old Testament, you see it's not talking about Jesus.

." This division was probably based on the sections of the Esther roll, as indicated by the closed paragraphs (סתומות); such paragraphs existing in the present text to i. Give contextual explanation and translation from your sites !

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16, may be due to differences in the division of the text. As the division into parashiyyot has not been carried out throughout the work, so the comment accompanying the Biblical text, verse by verse, is much reduced in ch. and viii., and is discontinued entirely at the end of ch. The Midrash under consideration is variously connected with these passages. According to Strack & Stemberger (1991), the midrash may be considered to be composed of two different parts which were combined in the 12th or 13th century.

10b et seq., where long haggadic passages are joined to single verses. Buber does, a date later than Yosippon—that is to say, the middle of the 10th century.

Chefetz Hayim also known as Israel Meir Har Cohen, 1838-1933.