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Watch sex love and secrets online

Start with some sexy dice that will tell you what to do to each body part.

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She learns of his death and becomes overly preoccupied, so much so that she ignores Hank as he is plotting a future with her but has no idea why she is behaving coldly.On the periphery of these goings-on is neighbor Nina (Tamara Taylor), an OB-GYN whose social/sex life is next to nil.In a bizarre, implausible twist, she meets Milo (Lucas Bryant), a loud goofball looking for a roommate, who finds Nina and her home picture-perfect.The device sets him up as vulnerable, and Jolene (Denise Richards) is ready to pounce.Jolene, a publicist, had her heart broken by Billy after he decided he wanted to be with Rose.Ultimately Charlie makes the right decision — friendship before sex.

They all appear in control of their lives, odd for a neighborhood known for its slackers.

Charlie apparently has an out-of-control magnetism as he bounces from one woman to another; he does particularly well one day in a shower. Production: Filmed in Los Angeles by the Axelrod/Edwards Co. Executive producers, Jonathan Axelrod, Kelly Edwards, Daniel Cerone; co-executive producers, Michael Gans, Richard Register; director, David Straiton; writers, Gans, Register.

David Straiton’s direction, combined with the editing, give “Sex, Love & Secrets” an intimate and racy feel.

“Sex, Love & Secrets” has the potential to be a real guilty pleasure — good-looking people dealing with one-night stands, commitment, “careers” and friendship.

It’s all very glossy and sharply edited, and Silver Lake has never looked better on film.

But knowing the once-happening ‘hood has reached network TV, one wonders if we’re in hipster heaven or hell.