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State language is Ukrainian, while both Russian and Ukrainian language is widely spoken.Political life is characterized by a great number of political parties. Review of History: First known societies that inhibited the territory of Ukraine, dated 3 century B. Between the two centuries, 10-11 Kiev Rus experienced a great development of culture, arts, and written languages.

The system of Education The system of education provides good quality and is well developed.The end of world confrontation and establishment of Ukraine as an independent state opened new perspectives for Ukrainian education and its integration into the academic world.The nineties are characterized by deep changes in the national system of education.Nowadays, Ukrainian graduates take not only leading positions in foreign companies including Asia, Africa, and Latin America.You can see them among state officers, doctors, engineers but many are heads of states and ministers in the governments.Bilateral cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign universities is intensively developed.

Ukrainian universities are active participants of the European Union Program TEMPUS.

A rapid development of industry, agriculture, and trade in Ukraine promoted the system of higher education. To get the education in the Ukrainian language became possible only in the twenties of the 20th century.

Technical and agricultural universities started to appear. The program of liquidation of mass illiteracy that took place in the period made the education more democratic and accessible.

One of the most important tasks for central and local authorities is to give equal possibilities in getting the top quality education for all citizens of Ukraine.

The table on page 9 represents the structure of education.

During the Soviet Union times, Ukraine was one of the most developed countries.