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The apprentice online dating

She was also dating none other than Mark Wright (no, not that one), who won team-mate Sarah pronounce it as "clim-bon-leen". Climb Online is a company that aims to help websites grow in the digital world, and it's doing well.Just this month it added a Bristol office to its bases in Essex and London, and Mark's apparently hoping to add a new location in Cape Town next year.

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now, but one of the candidates bumbling around the streets of London trying to show off their limited business acumen is about to be trusted with £250,000 of Lord Sugar's cash. joined Lord Sugar's Amstrad to become the project director of its health and beauty division, though he left after two years at the company to set up the Bright Ideas Trust, which aims to help young people from disadvantaged backgrounds get started in business.In early modern usage, the clipped form prentice was common.The system of apprenticeship first developed in the later Middle Ages and came to be supervised by craft guilds and town governments.Anyway, Stella says she lost her place at Citigroup because of the case but says she was offered lots of work afterwards (including as a management consultant at Hewlett Packard). Stella started a crowdfunding TV channel called Crowdbox TV and announced plans for a website called, but neither seem to be ongoing.She launched a beauty company called Facebox earlier this year, and in May she was papped on a date with snooker player Ali Carter.7.The two businesses offer various skincare treatments, tattoo removal and even hair transplants.

In fact, Leah – who was recently named one of the Top 10 entrepreneurs in the UK and writes for the – is doing so well that she's not even needed full-time at her clinics any more, so she now works as a locum doctor in A&E for half the week (which we think is very admirable).

She joined Amscreen to sell digital screens to health services, but she quite swiftly went on maternity leave and didn't return.

Don't worry too much, though – she has said she's "on great terms" with Lord Sugar. Stella worked at Viglen (one of Lord Sugar's companies selling IT products and services) but left in May 2011 complaining that she was a "glorified PA".

Currently, she owns a ladies’ fashion shop and believes her loyalty is one of her best qualities.

She thinks it’s vital to be determined and strong-willed in business.

Okay, so it's not the most exciting of businesses from a layman's point of view but it's won several awards and is aiming for £10m revenue in the next year. It's not all been plain sailing – Ricky revealed that he had to end his wrestling career to focus on the business, which is a bit of a shame given he'd had tryouts with WWE.