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But she has always treated me as a friend and doesn't want to indulge into a relationship because she came out of her previous marriage within a span of 10 days and for last 4 months she has been avoiding my calls and neither she is meeting me.Love Guru: Rohan Basu, this love at first sight is fun only if it is two-way, isn't it?

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Some male celebrities have dated or have married nerdy women.Put that in perspective with the 900 million plus mobile phone subscribers in India.Attempting to cater to all of India’s 22 languages is going to be a challenge.You say you know her for the last few years, so why is she not telling you how she feels towards you but is using a friend to do the job?As I keep saying here, if a girl loves you, she won't hide it.Most Android phones come with the option of working in a completely different language.

But there are some languages on the list which Android does not support, which is a good differentiator.

"Sorry I'm being a bit aloof with my answers."Mhhhmmm.

We are really good friends now, and that's cool."I mean, who can blame her, right?

We have “bitch sessions” and we “bitch” about things.

Because I felt the power of the word, and I think it’s still there, on the mouths of men who slammed me against the wall.

The law governs everything we do, marriage, birth, death, divorce.