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In May 2015, Gandhi posted his first tweet and in the next 12 months, Modi raced ahead of Kejriwal.

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Reports say Gandhi gained more than one million followers between July and September.The Prime Minister averaged 4,074 retweets last November, the month he announced scrapping the 500- and 1,000-rupee notes in a shock demonetisation drive, and 4,055 this July when Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar rejoined the BJP-led NDA.Congress social media head Spandana attributed the success to Gandhi’s tweeting style and efforts of the party’s grassroots workers, who got trained at workshops in the past months.Musicians from the older genres – blues, jazz (including bebop and dixieland), country (including country and western, boogie woogie, honky tonk and bluegrass), and gospel (including spiritual and Christian rock) – enjoyed, on average, similar lifespans as those from the US population with the same year of birth and gender.The next group – R&B (including doo wop and soul), pop, folk (including ballad and polka) and world music – had lower life expectancies compared with the US population.But accidental death for rock musicians was higher than this (24.4%) and for metal musicians higher still (36.2%).

Suicide accounted for almost 7% of all deaths in the total sample.

Thereafter, the gap between population lifespans and average age of death for the more recent genres – rock (including rockabilly), electronic (including experimental, techno, disco, and funk), punk, metal, rap and hip hop – widens.

This pattern reflects, to some extent, a confound in the data: musicians who are dying youngest belong to newer genres (electronic, punk, metal,rap,hip-hop) that have not existed as long as genres such as jazz, country, gospel and blues.

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This article is the third in a series examining mortality in popular musicians.