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S e x girls s e x

The girls looked at her, and a beautiful blond student blurted out “So you and Adam have sex, right?

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They were staring intently at her breasts and bush, totally fascinated.“Well, we get naked, Adam’s penis gets engorged with blood and becomes fully erect, and in the process it grows quite substantially. He inserts his penis in my anus and then he ejaculates inside my anus.” Catherine said, now turning bright red. ” the blond girl asked, and once again the girls burst out in giggles. “Well, you need to massage your clitoris, do you know where that is? Catherine paused, she had never planned to take off any clothes, but she thought that this was probably the most straightforward way to show the girls about female anatomy.There are many ways to provide sexual pleasure, and these ways involve sucking, kissing, and fondling our sexual organs.” “Do you ever suck on his penis? I put his erect penis in my mouth and suck on it, like it was a lollipop. “Yes I do, I believe that masturbation is an important part of a woman’s sexuality. ” the girls replied that they had no idea where their clitoris’s were. Catherine glanced again at Adam, who had a big smile on his face, and noticed that he also had a bulge in his pants. She then unbuttoned her bra, and her large, heavy breasts fell out. ” Said a chestnut haired girl who had previously been silent.As a public service, she had agreed to speak to a group of girls about “issues teenage girls face” – as the social worker had called it.As she led the teenagers down to her large, comfortable basement, she looked at the girls and wondered how old they were. Catherine opened her door and let 7 teenage girls into her house.

She felt very pleased about what she was going to do.

When I was your age, I never had anyone to talk to about my sexuality, and as a result I believed that I could get pregnant by necking with someone! “You probably have many questions relating to your sexuality.

I don’t want this to happen to you, so hopefully I’ll be able to inform you girls and answer all your questions. Your bodies are changing, and you’re probably looking at boys differently now.

Catherine felt one of the girls put her fingers into her vagina, and gasped.

She desperately hoped that none of the girls would ask her why her vagina was so wet.

” “It’s so thick, look at how big the tip is.” “It must feel so good to have that inside you.””Feel how big his testicles are.” The blond and brunette took ahold of Adam’s engorged member, and began stroking it.