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If a couple can navigate through the unstable waters of stage three, they will find that stage four offers much rest and enjoyment.As a couple, you now have history together and you have been able to work through some differences.

If you want to sleep with your date, that's your choice and no one else's.Know that it is natural to lose those early romantic feelings but that something much deeper awaits you in a later stage.To advance through the stages requires communication and hard work.Some couples never advance to the later stages because of incompatibility or emotional immaturity. It occurs when you are beginning to get to know each other.It might also be called the fantasy phase because your partner can seem perfect during this time.In this phase, you now start to see flaws in your partner or behaviors you just don't like.

It's not that you are no longer in love, but your partner doesn't seem as great as he or she was in stage one. The romance stage features many endorphins running through your body that gives you that "high" sensation.

Have you ever thought about the five stages in a relationship?

Chances are you never contemplated your relationship in terms of stages.

Few couples make it this far, even couples who are married. You have chosen to be with your partner, flaws and all.

You no longer miss the romance stage because that would mean being with a new person and you don't want that.

There is definitely nothing wrong with wanting to get to know someone before taking things further.