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Outlook 2016 connected but not updating

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" Click on the hyperlink, and select "Exchange" You will need to fill in the detail like domain, password, username, server.I was able to get all of our macs for my company to connect using this method.

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I've started testing the 15.21.1 Office Update and noticed that my Outlook client doesn't seem to authenticate through AD FS/Office 365 with our Office 365 environment thus resulting in the error below: Reverting back to Outlook 15.19.1 and the authentication works fine again. If you're seeing authentication issues, I suggest posting that information in the #microsoft-office channel in Slack/Mac Admins to give feedback. Had our emails migrated over from a local exchange to office 365 using skykick.Office 365 account has read and manage (plus send email from and on behalf) permissions to another mailbox.I've setup the office 365 account in outlook 2016 using autodiscover which all works ok.The only issue is that in cached mode the secondary mailbox that it has permissions to view shows all it's folders but when clicking on the folders it shows no content.So I have a user whose assistant manages her calendar.

When her assistant makes a change or adds anything to her calendar it doesnt show up on hers unless she closes outlook and reopens it.

We tested this on some others users and it works as designed just not this users.

Starting with the April 2015 release, all Office 2013 updates will only apply if Office 2013 SP1 is installed.

I had her give me permissions to her calendar and when I had her assistant make a new meeting request it showed on mine and her assistants however never showed on the primary persons calendar unless we closed outlook and reopened it.

We do have cache mode enabled on all user mailboxes in the organization so that it will allow them to work in outlook right away without it taking so long to load.

I can confirm that checking the Forms authentication box at our AD FS authentication policy under Intranet fixes this issue.