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With IVF, the embryos are created in the laboratory and up to 4 blastocyst embryos will be transferred to the uterus.There are much higher success rates with IVF when compared with IUI.

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The process for male and female couples differs slightly, but there are high success rates for both.Sperm donors are subject to rigorous health checks to ensure that they are suitable before being accepted onto the Team Miracle sperm donation programme.Donor insemination is a simple, painless procedure which involves putting the sperm straight into the uterus just before ovulation occurs.Embryo donation may be an option if you require both egg and sperm donation. Are there any risks with choosing donor eggs or sperm?The Cyprus IVF Centre ensures that all donors are screened at the very highest level.The use of PGD (preimplantation genetic diagnosis) for sex selection has proven extremely controversial in the UK, where the procedure is illegal unless medically justified to avoid producing a child with a sex-linked genetic disorder, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

One reason often given for the restrictions is the fear that the technology will be used mainly to select male embryos.

There are a number of treatment options including using sperm from both partners and transferring two embryos created from the sperm of the first partner and two embryos created from the sperm of the second partner.

Although there is no guarantee of which embryos will implant, many couples like the idea that both sets of sperm has been given a chance.

They often wish to just access the very simplest form of IVF, which is known as IUI (intra-uterine insemination).

Female couples have the option to use sperm from a donor they have already chosen prior to beginning their treatment at the Cyprus IVF Centre, or they can choose a donor from the many available in our on-site sperm bank in Cyprus.

If surrogacy is a route that you wish to go down then there will be plenty of advice and support at the Cyprus IVF Centre.