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They even occupied the city of Nantes for several decades.

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Interestingly, there are some who theorize that the iconic Irish red hair was a Norse import rather than a Celtic one, although without proper genetic testing it is just an unproven theory.Normandy is the obvious region of France one thinks of when thinking of the Vikings.But Brittany (Bretagne) and the Vendée regions of France were also heavily settled by displaced Scandinavians in search of a new home.Below is a list of modern countries and how likely you are to be a Viking descendant if you are from one of them.The city of York was once the Norse city of Jorvik, and the Vikings at one time had carved out half of Britain for themselves in a territory called Danelaw.It’s no secret that the Vikings were prolific (and terrific) progenitors.

They traveled far in search of riches, and often those they encountered were of interest to them in more ways than one.

What’s more, they successfully sacked Lisbon and captured Seville and inflicted great fear in the Moors.

However, they did not colonize Spain heavily, therefore if you are from Spain or Portugal, you only have a SLIM chance of having Viking blood, but a chance nonetheless.

Genetic studies themselves are up for debate as well.

For example, a recent 2015 genetic study in England found “no clear genetic evidence” of the Danish Viking occupation.

According to sources, the Norsemen who pushed into Brittany were from Norway, having sailed around the British Isles and down through the Irish Sea to reach it.