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Fairy tail 268 online dating

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Lilo and Mertle fought over him to get ahead in a chocolate bar-selling contest/fundraiser. Slick was rescued, but Lilo had to give up the contest by giving her last chocolate bar to an ill Gantu as a swap for Slick.

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He has the ability to speak English, and hops instead of walks. She was referred to in "Remmy" when Pleakley said, "Is that the one that turns everything into ham?He is designed to play music from Jumba's home planet, increasing his power and growth through the sympathy he receives from his beautiful music.However, he also grows meaner and uglier the more powerful he gets.A small, gray and white, mustached experiment with four arms with three fingers on each hand, black eyes, a round nose, a little mouth, short ears, a chef's hat, and a spatula for a tail.He is designed to use his Super Speed to instantly prepare food or whip up a mini-tornado in battle.Slick was one of the experiments Lilo turned to for the capture of Ploot (505), but he didn't provide help besides selling her an umbrella that she later used against Ploot. An orange and yellow long-eared cat/rabbit-like experiment with a white stomach and orange heart-shaped markings on his forehead and all down his back.

He has blue tufts of fur coming out of his ears and violet-colored eyes and a red nose.

He is designed to be able to sell anything to anyone.

He wears a straw boater hat and bowtie, carries a cane, and acts as a salesperson who never turns down a customer.

His tail is a pump which he uses to blow up pink balloons which reform on his tail after they pop.

He is designed to use his tail to blow up a balloon to the size of the room he is in, then popping the balloon, discombobulating those involved near the explosion of the balloon and causing frizzy hair.

A tan gourd-shaped experiment with a large opening at the top of his head who is designed to pop popcorn for Jumba's movie night. He was mentioned in "Angel" when a re-eviled Jumba lied to Lilo by saying that Angel (624) was this experiment.