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The substance of the form was the information intended to be proved in evidence, all information required under the regulations was present, that information was "in no way misleading, confusing or unfair" and no right of Mr Avadenei's was violated by the form being admitted into evidence, she said.

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Charles Cleary was given a concurrent 15-year jail term for that...The first of the three cases was brought by St Margaret's Concerned Residents Group - of which the individual residents are members - against the DAA.The residents claimed certain pre-construction works carried out in December of last year on the proposed new runway by the DAA amounted to unauthorised development.The cases have been adjourned to allow the various parties consider the decisions.It is not known if an appeal will be taken against any of the rulings.The second action was brought by 22 individual residents - most with addresses at Kilreesk Lane, St Margaret's, Co Dublin who alleged the development was illegal and that Fingal Council failed to consider or address their concerns about its effect on their homes and lands.

Turning to the action brought by Friends of the Irish Environment, the Judge said he was also dismissing their claim.

As the Los Angeles Times reported on August 11, 2009 ("Washington State Revisits Three-Strikes Law"), officials in Washington state are working to change the fates of those serving life in prison as a result of mandatory minimum "three strikes" laws; Washington passed its "law requiring criminals with three serious felony convinctions to spend the rest of their lives in prison" in 1993, becoming the first state to do so (though "California followed suit the next year, and 24 other states now have similar laws").

However, in May of 2009, Governor Chris Gregoire signed the first "appeal for clemency" in the case of Stephen Dozier, "making him the first three-strikes lifer in the nation to be pardoned." Indeed, "the [state's] district attorney's officer, the conservative talk radio host who coauthored Washington's law, and the judge who sentenced [Dozier] all came to agree" recently "that despite the public's demand to keep career criminals behind bars, three strikes shouldn't always mean never getting out." Dozier received his sentence after being convicted on three separate purse-snatching charges in attempts to feed his crack cocaine habit; in committing his crimes, Dozier "never caused a serious injury or used a weapon," but he nevertheless "disappeared behind bars without the possibility of parole -- along with more than 290 other Washington inmates convicted under the state's tough three-strikes law." Luckily, Dozier is now out of prison, as are at least two other inmates - Al-Kareem Shadeed and Michael Bridges - "who had both been sentenced to life without parole in the mid-1990s for stealing wallets." Dozier, Shadeed, and Bridges have the state of Washington's decision to review "the cases of some nonviolent three-strikes prisoners and mov[e] to release those [...] who probably would not face such a severe penalty today," now that "many states apply [three-strikes laws] more sparingly" and "[p]rosecutors and judges often use the discretion provided them to avoid charging a defendant whose past consists of minor robberies or assualt convictions with a third-strike offense," to thank for their freedom.

He was breathalysed at Store Street Garda Station but the intoxilyser apparatus printed out the results in English only.

Mr Avadenei, represented by solicitor Michael Staines, later successfully argued in the District Court and the High Court the form was invalid as it was not also printed in Irish and his prosecution was halted.

Notwithstanding that defect, she agreed with the Court of Appeal that Section 12 of the 2005 Act could be applied.