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For eligible members to use the SELRES GI Bill, they must follow a five-step process: Logging onto WAVE monthly is an important step many miss.

Eligibility for this program is determined by the Selected Reserve components and VA makes the payments.It is the first program that doesn't require a person to serve on active duty in the regular Armed Forces to qualify.An eligible reservist may get education benefits while in a program approved for VA training.The VA requires that students receiving benefits attend class regularly and maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP), as defined the UAH Financial Aid Policies Governing Aid.The VA will only pay benefits for courses that are part of your degree or certificate program as outlined in the AAMU Catalog, and will not pay benefits to repeat a course in which you have received a passing grade.The payment rates (as of October 1, 2012) are as follows: If you stay in the Selected Reserves, benefits generally end 10 years from the date you became eligible for the program if you became eligible before October 1, 1992.

Benefits generally end 14 years from the date you became eligible if you became eligible on or after October 1, 1992.

These documents, along with a copy of your current class schedule need to be submitted to the Office of Veterans Affairs.

Electronically: You can also apply online through VONAPP.

In addition, the student may use a combination of Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA) and state tuition assistance aid programs to supplement the MGIB-SR.

In addition to suspensions, benefits may be restricted if a servicemember: For Reserve and National Guard members who are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill due to a Title 10 mobilization or deployment of at least 91 days in length may choose to give up their Montgomery GI Bill - Selected Reserve benefits and switch to Post-9/11 GI Bill.

To qualify for the MGIB-SR, SELRES members must: Servicemembers who meet eligibility requirements qualify for 36 months of GI Bill education benefits.