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While the Acme Brewery was technically a branch of the Olympia Brewing Co., it did not produce Olympia Beer.Due to the difference in water quality, the brew masters could never brew a lager that equaled that of the Tumwater Plant.

In May of 1911, JP Rettenmayer, now company president and manager, convinced Schmidt that it was time to annex the bottling works to the Acme Brewing Co.The bottling shop foreman was Fritz Reither, a nephew of Leopold Schmidt.The Harris brothers trans-shipped kegs of beer for markets in California, Nevada, and Arizona, where agents bottled the beer for local distribution, with their own labels.By November of 1904, construction had begun on the lot at 1423.On December 31, 1904, an article appeared in the trade publication, Pacific Wine and Spirit Review, that described the new agency: The article went on to describe the building and equipment, which was state of the art, and that it was under the management of brothers, Gus and Mitchell Harris.Schmidt seized this opportunity for capturing market share, and set out to build his own brewery there in the City.

He already had the two vacant lots adjacent to the bottling works (1401-1411 Sansome), so it was a logical choice. Schmidt may have intended to remove Olympia Beer from the SF market once the Acme plant's beer was selling well, but in the interim he kept the bottling works separate from Acme.

A SF City Directory shows Acme listing its bottling works at 162 Guererro.

That was the address for John Fauser's Phoenix Bottling Works.

Sales were up and Olympia Beer's withdrawal would be covered by Acme's increased production.

She is also on an enamel sign (seen near bottom of page - with other Acme Breweriana).

To oversee this new construction project Schmidt called upon William Schuldt, who was in management at his Oregon plant, the $100,000 plant project, and became principals in the new company. Consequently, Acme contracted with a local agent for bottling and distribution of its output.