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Biography by Marilyn Manson's new album 'Heaven Upside Down' is ''pretty f**king intense'', according to close friend Charlie Hunnam.The 48-year-old singer - who is the lead singer in the self-titled band - has a good rapport with the 'King Arthur: Legend of the Sword' actor, and although the 37-year-old actor has admitted he doesn't know ''any'' of the rocker's songs, the artist has played him a track from his LP, which he thinks is ''very very good.''Speaking about his pal and his compilation, Hunnam told NME magazine: ''I don't know any of his music.

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In post-Roman Britain, King Uther (Eric Bana) has been killed by his brother Vortigern (Jude Law), who made a deal that involved some very black magic.He was also announced as the leading man in erotic thriller 'Fifty Shades of Grey', but he soon dropped out with rumours suggesting the negative attention he got from it put him off.Personal life: Charlie Hunnam was raised in Newcastle upon Tyne by scrap metal seller Billy Hunnam and businesswoman Jane Hunnam, before moving to Cumbria after his parents' break-up.In 2002, he appeared in 'Abandon' alongside Katie Holmes and 'Nicholas Nickleby' with Jim Broadbent, Jamie Bell, Anne Hathaway and Timothy Spall.The following year he took on war drama 'Cold Mountain' with Jude Law and Nicole Kidman.He also began writing screenplays, including real life story 'Vlad', a story about druglord Edgar Valdez Villareal and a tale about gypsy life.

2011 saw him in 'The Ledge' with Patrick Wilson, and the following year he was the eponymous character in '3,2,1... In 2013, he was in Guillermo del Toro's blockbuster 'Pacific Rim'.

He was expelled from Queen Elizabeth Grammar School and continued to complete his exams at home.

He later studied film and performing arts at Cumbria College of Art and Design.

He played football hooligan Pete Dunham in British movie 'Green Street' in 2005, co-starring with Elijah Wood.

In 2006, he was in Alfonso Cuarón's 'Children of Men' with Clive Owen, and in 2008 he joined the cast of 'Sons Of Anarchy' as Jax Teller.

Now that the series has outpaced the novel series, much of the material shown on screen is new information, shocking fans of both the books and the series.