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When he read it, her urged her to publish it, which she later did under, this pen name. The movie could have been filmed hardcore without inserts. The book details a harness O wears while at Roissy that holds a series of increasingly larger anal plugs to widen that track to make it more accessible for men who prefer that opening. As it is, the viewer never winces at anything that happens to O.

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A slit in the front and back goes up to her waist so either track is freely [email protected] TRG re "The Story of O" -- I saw the film at a theater during its original run, and while it certainly could have been more graphic, all the ancillary arts of film-making -- sets, costumes,make-up, cinematography -- not to mention acting, were miles above most BDSM films. I didn't find the novel particularly appealing, though, probably because it was told from the women's point of view (and why not? ) name mentioned any more, but some of the books by A de Granamour, whose works I came across in the late 1960's and 1970's, were far more appealing to my taste.the author was a woman) and while I suppose it was admirably "literary" I didn't find it very stimulating. He was a lot more back-and-buttocks flogging-centric than I would have preferred, but he did a fine job creating reasonably credible historic settings.Her days are free, but her evenings must be spent in the company of men who are allowed to take her in any way they choose, at any moment.She must never look into the eyes of a man, nor speak in the public areas of the chateau, under the penalty of being immediately whipped.Haven't tried it before, so not sure if this will work.

@ Interrogation Master #1010 Absolutely agree about Mike Coolham's Amazon story.

Sir Stephen in turn sends O to the estate of Anne-Marie, who trains young women to be even more compliant than they were when they left Roissy.

O is brutally whipped on her first day there, but only that one time.

The film opens with O (Corinne Cléry, Hitch Hike) being taken by her lover to a chateau in the Parisian suburb of Roissy.

While in the car along the way, she is prepared for her arrival by removing her bra and panties, after which he blindfolds her and ties her wrists behind her back.

When he arrives, the young man finds O in a copy of the torture chamber at Anne-Marie's Sir Stephen had made especially for her, tied between two columns, having just been savagely whipped. In the final scene, O is taken to a costume party, naked, but wearing an elaborate owl’s-head mask. The guests inspect her as if she were a moving object and not a human being. Pauline Réage wrote Histoire d’O as a love letter to her husband, Jean Paulhan.