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It takes from the capital budget to pay for operations, which hurts the ability to make improvements.

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Part of it is due to sick days and optional days off.Santoro said he will meet Friday with the head of the engineers’ union, who has said the issue is a shortage of employees.At least 13 of the 383 spots for engineers in NJ Transit’s budget are vacant, though the union says the number is higher than that. So this is just the start of a very long process to renew the components in and around the complex,” De Cataldo said.“The overall experience of the first week and a half has been good, but I want to stress New Jersey Transit is not allowing that to make us complacent,” Santoro said.Christie: Penn Station disruptions not as bad as predicted – so far Among the unanticipated hiccups – though Gordon said it should have been foreseen – has been an insufficient number of engineers, causing 58 trains to be cancelled in the first nine days after the rail schedules were altered on July 10. There had been just seven cancellations due to crew shortages in the prior nine days.Commuters are late getting to work and there are major delays and frequent breakdowns.

We cannot rely on a system that is completely undependable.

Santoro said he wants to make sure the pattern isn’t repeated in September, when the train schedule changes back to its normal pattern when track repairs are completed.

“Our customers certainly are impacted, and it’s not fair to them to be impacted in such a way that it causes hardship for them.” The intensive track and switch work at New York Penn Station is on schedule to be done around Sept. But Amtrak’s vice president of operations for the East region, Michael De Cataldo, said this is just the start of what’s needed.

NEW JERSEY — Train service was suspended on the M and E line from East Orange to New York’s Penn Station and Hoboken, and on the MOBO line from Watsessing Ave to Penn and Hoboken due to a trespasser incident near Newark Broad Street station Friday during the morning rush-hour.

NJ Transit rail passes and tickets are being cross honored by NJ Transit bus and De Camp buses.

Some 10,000 Midtown Direct riders are switching to PATH or ferries in Hoboken.