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All of the playlists selected for updating no longer exist

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I actually decided against XBMCLauncher with Win7 as I like to be able to drop back to Explorer for other activites and to use some of the default applications. Just ordered a Flirc infrared to use my AVR remote to control Kodi instead of my wireless keyboard or Kone on my Android phone.

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Thanks everyone for giving me some alternate points of view on Kodi.Although Open ELEC or Kodi Buntu would be great, some of the hardware in my HTPC (a re-purposed Lenovo Think Centre) doesn't have Linux drivers.Maybe my next project based on a NUC or similar with 4K video support.Saying that, it did take me lot of trial/error to find those good ones.Also, you need to have decent peak time performance with your internet. I can run all skins on my Openelec machine, including Aeon MQ5 (MQ6 has not yet been released but there is a public beta for Helix that runs on any OS, just like every other skin). And just like you, I use a 7.1 receiver and I have the same audio options available in Openelec than what you have in Windows. My current HTPC is a Core i5 with Windows 7 and only use it for Kodi and nothing else.After getting yet another corrupted WMP database, I finally decided enough is enough and installed Kodi v14 on my Win7 HTPC. it lacks a lot of the KODI plugins, but it does everything I want it to do. But you wont be able to get the best looking skins like AEON MQ6 on that. I couldnt use it because I have a 7.1 Receiver and Kodi gives me all kinds of preferences to set Audio and Video to the way I want it.

I've not tried for a few years since it was XMBC on Linux and still very much a beta platform. If you are not running a Windows OS then Openelec is the go. fixed : D I use kodibuntu and I used to think it was great, actually I still do but now I have a chromecast plugged in the back off my AVR an phone with spotify and netflix.

The issue I had with Openelec was with the Raspberry PI.

Since it was an ARM system, the settings were severely limited.

Installed Kodi several months ago and since then have not needed to torrent anything. Openelec IS Kodi and offers the same features as any Windows setup as long as the underlying hardware supports it. I am happy to try Openelec on an Intel machine although my Windows HTPC has been stable as running Kodi and MQ6 betas.

I guess it comes down to peoples choice of what they watch. It simply cuts out all the BS you'd have to expect from Windows (not related to Kodi). You still get to tweak all kinds of settings if you wish but once that is done all you do is start up the machine and sit back. And you definitely don't lose out on any features compared to Windows or other OS arrangements. I have an i5 motherboard mounted inside a custom case. KODI on Open ELEC is so much better than suffering with Windows. They are impossible to get rid of unless you have a degree in Windows engineering.

I also have the PI 2 and I still dont see a lot of sound and video options in Kodi GUI.