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The aim of the 12 weekly group sessions are to provide you with nutrition and healthy eating advice to Our approach is designed to be supportive and accessible and we provide 1:1 assessments in places that suit our clients.

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We'll be carrying out free health checks and handing out information, support, advice and guidance.It's great for people who want to continue playing football at a pace that suits them. For more information please contact our office on 01482 344 042 or ask your Lifestyle Coach.Come and join us at Soccer Kings, Oslo Road, Hull: Monday 5pm to 6pm. Consequences of physical inactivity and lack of exercise:[1] Physical inactivity and lack of exercise are associated with heart disease and some cancers.[2] Physical inactivity and lack of exercise are associated with type II diabetes mellitus (also known as maturity or adult-onset, non-insulin-dependent diabetes).[3] Physical inactivity and lack of exercise contribute to weight gain. Popular from early 2000s] * For a more indepth view and etymology see Chav Adj. E.g."He was wearing a Burberry baseball cap, Rockport boots, tracksuit bottoms and a fat gold chain draped around his neck - it was the most chavtastic sight to behold this year." Noun. E.g." I want you on your best behaviour when the vicar calls; any of your chelp and you'll be grounded for the week." [Midlands/Northern use. A Slower Version Of 'The Beautiful Game'Walking Football is a slower version of indoor football and is great for getting people back playing the nation's favourite sport.

The only difference between walking football and the traditional version is that running, jogging and sprinting aren't permitted.

We support you in making small but effective changes to your eating and drinking habits and becoming more active.

Sessions run in the day time and in the evening at various venues across Hull.

A great way for mums, dads and carers to get out of the house, chat with other families, and know that their children have a safe, fun space to play.

We also have Family workers on hand if you need any advice or just a chance to offload.

A person in a catatonic state or seemingly brain dead.